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also known as Kidnapping, Kidnapping Roleplay


Get CONSENT!  Do NOT do anything to anyone that they have not agreed to before hand.  If you are planning such as scene, get the parameters very clear BEFORE any part of the scene takes place, preferrably in WRITING.

To kidnap or carry a person away by force.  A consensual version of this is part of sexual play.


This is one of those fantasies which can be very, very hot for partners to indulge in.  But this takes a lot of conversation and very clear consent to have it work. 

If your lover talks in bed about how hot it would be to be abducted, kidnapped and ravished; this is NOT permission for you to actually do these things. You must talk about it, and the parameters if you are to engage in this type of scene!

Savage Love

Savage Love (the fabulous column written by Dan Savage), would have a letter about Rape Dates, and the experiences of a gentleman who met the system in an unfortunate way.   Abduction fantasies can be hot.  But there can be some real world consequences that are brutal.