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Electrical Stimulation

also known as E-stim

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Don't be silly! You can't just rewire any electrical device to yourself, and expect results! E-Stim units are highly calibrated devices that produce specially tuned electrical currents. Using a random electrical current can injure or even kill you.

In addition, it is probably best to stick to below the waist play, even if T.E.N.S. units are used above the waist medically. The risk is that the current can pass through your heart, and wreck havoc on its natural rhythm.

Electrical Stimulation, or E-Stim for short, is the use of electricity to stimulate a person sexually. E-Stim differs from Electrical Play in that the goal is to produce pleasure instead of pain.

E-Stim is achieved through the use of devices such as T.E.N.S. units. Conductive pads are attached to the genitals through various means, such as cock-rings or vaginal shields. The device itself can be tuned to create different effects. The end result is the direct stimulation of nerves, as well as the involuntary contraction of sexual muscles.

E-Stim is useful in that the stimulation is much more effective than mechanical means in the sense that it is possible to stimulate many more nerves. It also provides a precise method of control over the pleasure, allowing the user to perform exotic patterns of stimulation. The touchless and automatic effect can be appealing as the recipient falls into pleasure at the turn of a dial. It can be a very unique sensation, as the sexual muscles sweetly pulse at the bidding of the device (and the holder of the remote).

electrical play

Electrical Play commonly refers to the use of electricity to the use of electricity to inflict pain on a submissive for 'S&M' purposes. It differs from 'Electrical Stimulation', or 'E-Stim', which consists of the use of electricity for sexual stimulation.

While running a strong current through someone's body is obviously very dangerous, there are some relatively safe devices. A 'Violet Wand', for example, only produces a weak current that probably won't go past the skin, but can still sting the submissive very well.